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Going Breathless (10-19-2017)
Something within me has shattered, so now I no longer need to breathe. I make an effort to step forward, but just find myself floating around completely by mistake, unable to control my direction. Everything around me feels fuzzy—as if all of my body has gone numb.
Right in front of me I can see the thing I’ve feared the most: a wall. I’ve had so much success in the past that I knew eventually I’d come slamming into the face of a brick wall.
I brace for impact, but pass right through. I guess problem solved, but how?
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Ember's Coda by dean-scotty Ember's Coda :icondean-scotty:dean-scotty 1 3
How it goes these days
I took my presence and my gift, then got off my ass.
Was time to leave this dirty town behind and hit the gas.
I knew that I was all grown up and ready to leave,
But then reality came crashing down and pulled up its sleeves.
It told me I was trash, and I knew this too well.
Knew it from the end of high school after I tripped and fell.
I thought if I skipped around, I’d find my way;
It looks like I’ll just have to try again some other day.
That’s how it goes these days.
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Alpha Rail (10-15-2017)
I’m about to do it; after a week of slaving at my computer and countless cups of energy drinks, my program is about to hit the alpha stage! Finally I’ll have something to show to anyone interested in helping me out with my app—and it’s only taken fourty thousand lines of C#.
Let me just compile. And now we wait. Ha—when I told the guys I was going to program a C# word processor, they said it couldn’t be do—
Blue screen? Are you kidding me?! Oh God, when did I last save? Goddammit, restart and tell me!
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Moving On (10-12-2017)
Both parents remain completely unaware to this day; they think their son's alright. They call him their daughter even when he'd rather they not, but what can he say when they remain so blissfully unaware?
They poke fun at his identity without knowing it. Bathroom rights are another sick joke—and their son bears their words like scars that only his lover can see.
His identity hides behind a veil of fear—the kind of veil his parents expect him to marry in. Yet shocked as they may be when they find out, his parents will never stop loving him.
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Lazy Woes (10-11-2017)
The lazy woes have gotten to me, yet there’s still so much stacked on my desk. My desk is buried in opportunities and I don’t even care anymore. Who even has time to read anymore?
Each paper has a story; one of them I picked up from some insurance company's career booth, one is an electric bill, one is a wad of coupons that probably already expired.
Why live in the Land of Opportunity when you’re expected to do your three jobs and do them well before taking a chance? At this point I’d rather Netflix and chill with myself.
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Mature content
Break Sulking (10-09-2017) :icondean-scotty:dean-scotty 1 0
It Doesn't Matter #6: Holding On
In this cold, I’m still struck with the thought of Alan holding me tight as he did before. It was the first time a boy my age had ever held me like that—and after the hell we’d pushed through yesterday, his arms wrapping around me was all I could ask for. I was in tears, ready to scream, ready to pull at my own hair, but he was there for me. When I didn’t have Martin or Andrew or even Isaac, Alan was there.
Was I ever there for him? Does he feel the same unexplainable sense of euphoria that I feel when he hugged me last night? Would it help him if I did the same right now, while we both lie on the dirt desert ground?
Even though it’s past midnight and I can barely see him, his sharp breathing can only mean he’s freezing. I’m freezing, too; it’s never warm enough in the wild night, it seems. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s only trying to force himself to sleep, as opposed to actually being asleep, but I can’t really tell.
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It Doesn't Matter #5: Going to See Martin
Going to Martin’s is always an interesting time for her. Sure, just about every time she goes, she’s there to do a chore, but Jocelyn really couldn’t care less; being able to talk with him as if he’s the father she’s been missing for so long is always a great time.
Because he was gone the day before, Martin’s antsy neighbor has to wait until Saturday to do his laundry. It felt weird to have barely anything to do yesterday—as if she was neglecting something very important that would only come back to bite her hard the following day. Fortunately, she’s had no such consequence to worry about. Still, she can’t help but feel an immense amount of anxiety from just waiting for him.
Is he still at the MRF? she wonders, looking out the window of her cramped house. Being in here all day is not how she hopes to spend any day at all—but it’s how she spends most days anyway. It really sucks not to have any friends to hang arou
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It Doesn't Matter #4: Secret Tension
Since it’s Friday, Jocelyn makes sure to sweep her locker clean and carry everything in her backpack—except for her science book. Rather than in the bag, she keeps the book in her hands as she looks down at the beginning of the next unit: Geology—starting at the chapter for petrology. It’s a bit more mundane than nuclear energy.
She doesn’t plan on talking to anybody on the way, so now is a good time to get started on her attempts at getting a better science grade. Almost immediately after stepping under the bright afternoon sky, she fights off an incoming sneeze before it can force her to spit all over the new chapter’s first page; she wasn’t going to start this one on the wrong foot. That in mind, she rubs the photon-driven tickles out of her nose and makes her leave for the weekend.
The near-silence she senses as she walks through the Los Abismos Middle School’s front yard is perfect for her focus—but unfortunately, there always
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It Doesn't Matter #3: Tiny Stomach
No matter who I talk to, everybody treats food like it's the most amazing stuff ever—and I guess to each their own, but I just can't see the way they do. Yeah, what I basically just said is I don't really like eating. Like…at all.
Sure, there's that basic human desire to fill myself up so I can live another day; I know that feeling, so don't start asking if I'm some kind of alien or whatever. I still sometimes feel that clawing in my gut that forces me to start acting like a horny animal in the wild until I can feed myself, but moments like that are few and far between. Most of the time when my stomach rumbles, it's because something didn't settle with it; that kind of thing happens all the time.
By my side is a little lunchbox with “Jocelyn” written in all capital letters. Meanwhile a half-finished bowl of cereal is sitting in front of me, beckoning me to do something with it. I get the feeling that if this were alphabet cereal, it would say something like
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Rip Strips: No Support (#SavetheInternet) by dean-scotty Rip Strips: No Support (#SavetheInternet) :icondean-scotty:dean-scotty 4 2
It Doesn't Matter #2: The Computer Won't Shut Up
The hardest part about being me is the fact that Andrew won’t let me stay up past eleven. I don’t care what he says; seven hours after school is NOT enough time for me to do all my homework, chores, and personal research projects. It’s not enough time, but he doesn’t listen—which is why I’ve resorted to using the kitchen computer once I’m sure he’s fallen asleep.
For the past few days, the idea of modding PC games has been on my head, so I’m going to look into that. Why don’t I just use my phone to look this stuff up? It’s simple: Andrew took my phone. He knew I was using it in bed and that supposedly it’s messing with “my precious little sister’s head.” An actual quote from him, by the way.
So now that it’s two in the morning, I figure now’s a good time to grab my glasses, sneak out of bed, and tiptoe over to the kitchen. Most girls would probably rather be caught stripping than begin
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It Doesn't Matter #1: Call Me a Priss
The bell rung ten minutes ago, but I’m still standing here outside the schoolyard like the little outcast I am. Ironically, it’s not because of detention or anything along those lines; it’s because I found a flower growing within the concrete. I know, call me a priss.
It just goes against almost everything I know about botany—but I suppose if strawberries can grow in bird shit, a pink clover seeping through the cracks of concrete isn’t too far-fetched. This little guy must be a little badass for him to grow the way he is. Though the little pink feathers that inhabit what would otherwise be a white weed are a little concerning; it looks like he’s being strangled by urban architecture. I guess that saying about tough guys and the color pink is true.
On top of that, Los Abismos Middle School really isn’t the kind of place for any plant other than cactus flowers. Those cactus flowers are the real moochers, I can tell; all they do is sit on t
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Gale (Art Trade for irl friend) by dean-scotty Gale (Art Trade for irl friend) :icondean-scotty:dean-scotty 3 0 Cheytilo and Ambelo by dean-scotty Cheytilo and Ambelo :icondean-scotty:dean-scotty 2 0


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It's good to be back :iconshabazik:Shabazik 71 9
Azimuth Pharmaceuticals buys Local by Shabazik Azimuth Pharmaceuticals buys Local :iconshabazik:Shabazik 108 26 Hitching a Ride by Khuzang Hitching a Ride :iconkhuzang:Khuzang 169 8


At this point, you have probably noticed that my update schedule on these journals has been—shall we say, absent? This is not a result of forgetfulness, nor is it a result of any hypothetical abandonment of the project; I’ve just been kept busy with a bunch of other things to take care of.

Namely, the thing that’s taken up the most of my time and averted my attention from The Anti Matter is the JavaScript project I mentioned in my last entry. Yeah, I’m still working on that project—and by tomorrow, it’ll be done (or at least as close to done as I can get it). However, even with that being said, I’ve still had time to work on the book.

The only big thing I have to announce in my progress is that the dinner scene between Jocelyn and Andrew has been finished, bumping the number of the words in the book up to 18K. I’m expecting that amount to increase by around six thousand once I’m finished with Isaac Norton’s parts in the story.

And when it comes to Norton…I’ve barely gotten a thing done with him. In between my multimedia project, midterm exams, final projects, and keeping up with my expenditure costs, simply writing down further notes of his involvement has largely slipped my mind. Just as well, I have to work on Project Afterman’s script (which has been sitting still these last few days); I at least want to get part 2 of the first chapter complete by the end of tomorrow night.

I would make a joke here that Cuphead has been keeping me from doing any work, but I’ve hardly had any time to play even that. I’ve at least gotten to the flower boss (haven’t beaten him yet, though), but that’s about it. Hype for all the big things coming out these next few months hasn’t taken me from my work—which would be a good thing if my work didn’t involve 85% school, 10% IT, and 5% writing.

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dean-scotty's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Literature
United States

Was somebody looking for a dean? A dean of literature? Comics? Art? Humor? If so, I think somebody has stumbled into the right place!

My name is Scott and I am a self-proclaimed dean of writing/drawing/gaming/reading—and as such, my life up to this point has been quite a busy ride. Of all the things I’ve done in life, I am proudest of the work I’ve done in science fiction literature—as well as my relationship with my boyfriend, whom I’ve been with for over two years now. Even with that pride in mind, I am always working to improve myself—whether that be as a writer, a comic artist, or as a human being.

While I find that I am a fan of many things (as you shall find out), I’m more inclined to make art and literature about original topics—typically in science fiction or contemporary fashion. Sorry if you’re looking for a fanartist, but I’m afraid I don’t make enough fanart to satisfy—at least I don’t think so, anyway. That said, I’m still more than willing to do commissions and/or roleplays of something relating to certain fandoms, if you so desire. (PM me about that!)

Enough with the walls of text, though; there'll be plenty of time for those when I'm writing novels and such.
Have fun diving in!

FO Roleplays by Enjoumou Open Comms by Enjoumou Open Trades by Enjoumou Ask Requests by Enjoumou


I don't usually comment or even get too invested in celebrity deaths. They're tragic, of course, and I always feel so sorry for the families of those people; the ones who really knew and loved them, while the rest of us just idolized them. But today is an exception. Today we lost a great singer and musician, someone who's work has influenced not just my writing, but my life.

Linkin Park has been my go-to when I get into a depressive state since I was 15. Listening to them always mellowed me out and pulled me back into a place where I felt safe with myself. Their music has also done wonders for me as a writer. So many scenes I've written have been inspired by or set to Linkin Park songs, including one of the most climatic battles of AV.

Through all their stylistic changes, I've never once felt that they "weren't as good as they used to be" or that they "needed to go back to Hybrid Theory." That's why I'm deeply saddened today to here about the passing of Linkin Park front man, Chester Bennington. His unique voice and outstanding delivery were works of art, and he will deeply be missed.

I wish my dearest and sincerest condolences to his family, his friends, and of course, his fellow bandmates in Linkin Park. I can't imagine what demons haunted him in his final hours; I can only hope that he has been freed of them, and that he has found peace.

Rest in peace, Chester. And thank you for all you've meant to me.
IT'S HERE. IT'S ACTUALLY HERE!! For realsies. I. Am. P A N I C K I N G !!! 💓
So....if I were to make a Picarto for occasional art lifestreaming, how many of you would actually come along to watch?
Not sure how many of you were aware, but on July 12, people and companies around the world will be gathering around to fight for Net Neutrality. This will be similar to the event that transpired in January 2012--when multiple websites either temporarily shut down or changed the front of their page (in Google's case) to keep the Internet free and open. Due to everything that has been happening in the FCC as of late, it looks like we're gonna have to do this again.
So again, call, email, and speak with your representatives to let them know that you oppose the FCC and their so-called "solution" to "fixing" the Web.

embedded_item1497895180828 by dean-scotty
In this preview of my latest pic, you can see just how many vertices go into creating a character 😄

embedded_item1497814329581 by dean-scotty


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