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Ripped Pages #1: On the Offensive
From up high, the predator seemed like little more than an afterthought of something horrible. Perhaps there was one point where somebody thought it was a good idea to let this creature spring up along everyone else on this planet—but now neither the father nor the son standing by could imagine a good reason for wanting this giant bird in their midst.
But there it stood: a lone sorumat sleeping upon the ground. Ironic that the flightless observers creatures stood up in the trees while the bird slept along the soil—but this made it all the easier for somebody to take it down in one fell swoop.
In his hand Jeynun held a club that had been put together by his father—who stood right by him in this high-up tree. The night was still, meaning their scent could not be carried to the horrific animal. Not even the sound of the bird's breathing could be heard, making Jeynun wonder if there was any point to killing it at all.
That's not normal, the sweating boy realized. <
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Sleeping Chibi Augusta by dean-scotty Sleeping Chibi Augusta :icondean-scotty:dean-scotty 2 0
Leira's Story - Pining for a Pet
I really just want to get this done and over with—because let’s be honest: I’m a bit too kind to my friends sometimes. It’s already enough that I don’t really ever complain about how they distract me when I’m trying to write, but things become even more stressful for me when they want a new pet.
I don’t want to give off the impression that I’m hating on my friends right now; in reality, I couldn’t imagine being on Earth without them; not only would things be nowhere near as exciting as they are now, but I wouldn’t have somebody to comfort me when I’m feeling homesick—or anybody for me to comfort when they’re dealing with the stresses of school.
Still, Rian’s sudden decision to go find a pet really has me annoyed. I’m trying to keep this book PG, though, so allow me to conjure up some words that describe how I’m feeling right now:
Not a bad list, right? I’m
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The Bird is the Word (Papi Request for Kaafan13) by dean-scotty The Bird is the Word (Papi Request for Kaafan13) :icondean-scotty:dean-scotty 3 5 Kai-Chan the Alluring Wolf (KawaiiAlphys AT) by dean-scotty Kai-Chan the Alluring Wolf (KawaiiAlphys AT) :icondean-scotty:dean-scotty 7 4 Jeynun's Message for the Dark Souls Noobs by dean-scotty Jeynun's Message for the Dark Souls Noobs :icondean-scotty:dean-scotty 4 0 Jeynun by dean-scotty Jeynun :icondean-scotty:dean-scotty 2 0


baile al basio by VDArts baile al basio :iconvdarts:VDArts 6 3 Astrogator by sinakasra Astrogator :iconsinakasra:sinakasra 363 14 Seductress by sinakasra Seductress :iconsinakasra:sinakasra 938 53 Riju by borockman Riju :iconborockman:borockman 61 12 Fast Food Mafia, final by silentsketcher Fast Food Mafia, final :iconsilentsketcher:silentsketcher 19,212 3,196 heartbeat by loish heartbeat :iconloish:loish 3,331 54 Teef. by Endling Teef. :iconendling:Endling 28,166 2,251 +Usagi and the Solar System+ by larienne +Usagi and the Solar System+ :iconlarienne:larienne 1,719 32 Nima Streetwear 1 by rossdraws Nima Streetwear 1 :iconrossdraws:rossdraws 3,784 55 Magic Touch by Lopoddity Magic Touch :iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 3,009 199 sketches by Fukari sketches :iconfukari:Fukari 1,970 23 hybrid by Fukari hybrid :iconfukari:Fukari 3,909 68 doodles by Fukari doodles :iconfukari:Fukari 1,965 34 tigers by Fukari tigers :iconfukari:Fukari 4,890 199 fake freckles by Fukari fake freckles :iconfukari:Fukari 1,634 31 Uhm... we got a problem? by Shabazik
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Uhm... we got a problem? :iconshabazik:Shabazik 52 15


I remember a few years ago I was reading Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland and found it funny how Alice would wake up every morning by trying to think of five or so nonsensical things. Being that I've been feeling demotivated lately, I decided I should try to do the same thing—and oh boy are the results mixed.

Yes, thinking of nonsensical things helped to "wake up the brain cells," as Dr. Seuss put it, but it also put me at a disadvantage when it came time to come back to the real world. After thinking about so many out-there ideas it took me quite a while for me to come back to the real world in my real job where I am a computer technician for my school.

Not helping matters was the fact that yesterday I found a pretty annoyed customer in our office space—who had come to us because of a royal screw-up on my part. She wanted her data backed up; I thought I had backed it up, but it turned out I backed it up wrong. So now we just have a sliver of chance of getting her data back—otherwise she'll just have to use her laptop like a normal person would any other new machine. That really sucks and it kind of makes me feel like I should be fired, but thankfully my bosses are understanding enough to know it was an accident.

But back to the nonsense-generation: this morning I tried doing the same thing, and wound up with a few results. That was until thoughts of my past and my previous DeviantArt account started slipping in, requiring me to think of a gun that rips out people's tongues and shoots an airway through their head to get the hate out of their minds. Yeah, it's that kind of stuff that I'm talking about when I mention that I like to think of ridiculous things.

Perhaps I shouldn't have talked to my grandparents yesterday—because in my call with them, I mentioned that my blood sugar had spiked up to 500 mg/dL this Tuesday, putting me into a panic that only a call to the doctor could solve. Yeah, as a diabetic, 500 mg is not a good level at all; that's what we call hyperglycemia.

When I told my grandparents of this offputting number, I also (for some reason) thought it was necessary to mention that there are a bunch of people in my hometown who have been saying outright that I deserve to be type-1 diabetic and to have my pancreas fail the way it is now. They say it's the result of "karma," even though I personally don't believe in karma or any sort of thing that determines one's fate.

I'm probably beating a dead horse at this point by talking about how much I despise people from my hometown, but oh boy do I hate people from my hometown. I used to tell myself that hatred will only ruin someone's spirit if it builds up—but I've had enough. There's only so much I can take before I just have to tell someone "I hate you" upfront—and if I ever see these people again, that's exactly what I'm going to say to them.

  • Reading: The Devil in the White City


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Artist | Student | Literature
United States

Was somebody looking for a dean? A dean of literature? Comics? Art? Humor? If so, I think somebody has stumbled into the right place!

My name is Scott and I am a self-proclaimed dean of writing/drawing/gaming/reading—and as such, my life up to this point has been quite a busy ride. Of all the things I’ve done in life, I am proudest of the work I’ve done in science fiction literature—as well as my relationship with my girlfriend, whom I’ve been with for over two years now. Even with that pride in mind, I am always working to improve myself—whether that be as a writer, a comic artist, or as a human being.

While I find that I am a fan of many things (as you shall find out), I’m more inclined to make art and literature about original topics—typically in science fiction or contemporary fashion. Sorry if you’re looking for a fanartist, but I’m afraid I don’t make enough fanart to satisfy—at least I don’t think so, anyway. That said, I’m still more than willing to do commissions and/or roleplays of something relating to certain fandoms, if you so desire. (PM me about that!)

Enough with the walls of text, though; there'll be plenty of time for those when I'm writing novels and such.
Have fun diving in!

FO Roleplays by Enjoumou Open Comms by Enjoumou Open Trades by Enjoumou Ask Requests by Enjoumou


Guess who's not dead (yet) but still needs to do finals next week?!? 😣😫😪
Hey I'm temporarily back, letting you guys know there's a very short piece I'm going to be uploading within the next hour. It's something that ties in with the recent attacks on Syria.
Yeah, I'm pretty upset about it Frustration Sigh 
Gonna be leaving social media for about a month; I need to work on school stuff, or I'll fail ^^;
Working on some OC stuff right now. Here's some sneak previews for anybody interested ;)
Clyde-almost-done by dean-scotty
Here we have Clyde the antisocial "tin-man"
OPONG from Clyde by dean-scotty
And some indication of what his school/workplace (OPONG) will look like. As you can tell, it's inspired a bit by the industrial designs of Ta-Metru.
Guess who finally played Overwatch this weekend and got play of the game on his first round?? 😂


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